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Since the early 1860,s, paperweight makers have been obsessed with the iridescent Dragonfly. I am no exception ! Illustrated on this page are two interpretations. One is an exclusive I created for Larry Selman in 1995.Edition size 50."Garden Pool and Dragonfly",an instant sell out!
The second is a 1/off, made in 1998. I made the base first, with a multitude of water lily shapes, and three dimensional flower forms, and when this piece came out of the annealing oven, I gave it a satin finish.Then I persuaded lampworker Alan Scott to make me a brilliant lampwork dragonfly which I fixed to the base in exactly the correct area, and added two or three lampwork flowers.
I think this piece is an excellent example of Art Glass / Modern Paperweights. The ONLY problem is how to send it to anyone, and be certain it’s going to arrive in ONE piece

Garden Pool & Dragonfly Ed. 50

Monet Pool & Dragonfly 1998
Colin Terris
© 25/11/2003

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