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Millifiori Man

Stella Warrior Princess

Note the Bow Tie!

Beware those enchanting eyes !

Millifiori Fun

Sometimes it’s great fun to try something completely different ! One day in the studio I was playing about with various off cuts I had sliced from paperweights. I tried to balance them one on top of the other, rather like building a house of cards, and soon saw the potential of this additive glass jig saw puzzle technique. All the individual pieces had to be ground and polished before being finally assembled, not easy as all the pieces were pretty small and the trickiest bit was to individually apply and 'Instant Glue' each minute millefiori cane in the exact position. I visited Alan Scott our lampworker and begged and borrowed from him a great selection of Floral Bouquets, Scarlet Hearts, Mini Butterflies, and mini flowers. Note the Butterfly Dress Tie, on Millefiori Man, and the Heart shaped Eyes on Stella ! Her shield is decorated with one or two original Whitefriars canes vintage 1980, and her spear is a Glass Pen that actually writes using good old fashioned INK . Creating fun pieces like this stimulates the grey cells and very often leads to further derivatives that can be introduced into a production situation .
Colin Terris
© 25/11/2003

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