Planet Set 1 1969
4 Seasons Set 1976
Trio Set 1976
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Classics 1977-80

Intruder was the most problematical design we ever put into production! The master sample worked exactly as planned. A beautiful matt black bubble floating over a sparkling silica bubbled base.We launched it at a Trade Show in 1977 and it was a smash hit. We then started to produce it in volume and the black bubble came out Grey, patchy,semi black and smoke!!! It took us 2 months of experimentation to accurately reproduce the original matt black effect.

Intruder 1977

Sea Grass has always been one of my favourites, the main design motif being made by a simple PIN crimp pushed through a layer of silica sand. We went through a phase of naming this shape Perfume Bottle or Ink well and the confusion still exists today.

Sea Grass Perfume Flask

Arctic Night was the 1979 Paperweight Society exclusive paperweight.It featured a surface Satin finish, and a flat ground and polished Window facet through which a sivery planet is visible. 839 of the edition size of 1500 were sold.The satin finish was acheived by first finely sandblasting the surface of the paperweight, and then immersing it in a mixture of sulphuric and hydrofluoric acid... a highly dangerous process!!

Arctic Night 1979

Dreamflower is an excellent example of a Crimp paperweight.The main floral motif is brilliantly reflected in the large central bubble, but in miniature, an optical effect that I used in paperweights over many years with great success.The base colour is the original Moss green colour that Caithness used to great effect in it's blown products. It is now superceeded by Emerald.

Dreamflower 1980

Dreamflower 1980
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