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Moonflower 1970

Starbase 1971

Coral 1972

Fish engraved 1972

Classics 1970-1972

Moonflower was the first unlimited paperweight that Caithness produced. It was also the most successful, and was in continuous production from 1970 to 2002. I reckon that there were more Moonflowers produced in it’s many colour variations, than any other paperweight ever made by any company in the world!

Starbase 1971, is a great example of my love of Bubbles as a main design theme. In paperweights up to this point, bubbles had always been round, or teardrop shaped. Before I joined Caithness, working in Stourbridge, I had figured out how to create a bubble with 4 peaks in a piece of Art Glass. I read it across into a paperweight and Starbase was the result. Too much reheating however meant that the 4 peaks were lost, and that the interesting shaped bubble returned to the usual round one.

Coral 1972. Many glassmakers had used this technique over the years, but always had used coloured glass chips of really bright colours for their designs. All I did was to use a brilliant Coral Orange colour, coupled with a seabase effect, to create an instantly recognisable coral reef effect for this 1972 favourite.

Fish 1972. What an Inspired name!!! It was actually an engraving of a John Dory! However, it was the first engraved paperweight that Caithness produced as a limited edition, and was a great selling success. Over the next 15 years the series continued, but Fish, is still one of my favourites.

Colin Terris
© 15-2-2005

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