Planet Set 1 1969
4 Seasons Set 1976
Trio Set 1976
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Space Beacon 1974

Vortex 1975

Sea Base 1976

Space Flower 1976

Classics 1974-1976

Space Beacon was made at our Oban factory,and was very popular with collectors. It was made in three colourways, Green, Damson, and Purple.500 were made in each colour and all were sold.

Vortex was issued in 1974/1975 and was one of a series of weights that were increased in edition size to 3000.It was issued in three colours, Blue,all sold. Green..closed at 803, and red. closed at 778.Caithness quickly recognised the great mistake of greatly increasing the edition size and the following year brought the edition sizes back to maximum of 1000.

Sea Base, The first deeply engraved/sandblasted surface decorated paperweight. A window facet was cut through the texture to reveal a bright green sea crab on the ocean floor.A very popular weight, which was fully subscribed very quickly.

Space Flower is still one of my all time favourites and was also the first Caithness Satin finish and window facet design.People still ask how it was possible to create a silvery ring bubble within a five ruby looped flower...
it's still a secret!

Colin Terris
© 15/2/2005

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