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Saphire Satelite 1976

Soaring Falcons

Diamond Saws & Falcons

The Finishing Dept. had recently taken delivery of a diamond SAW. It sliced glass like butter and I thought it would be interesting to try Saw Cuts instead of ground and polished facets! I sawed designs into the paperweight, and to get rid of any chips, sandblasted the cuts into silky smoothness.The saphire tinted four petal Ring bubble,represents an orbitting satellite, but it's making technique remains a secret.

Experimenting one day in the glasshouse, I suddenely saw the shape of a Falcon emerge in the piece I was working on. I immediately flung the piece away, changed the colours I was working with, and in another few moments had created TWO soaring falcons!

Colin Terris
© 30/12/2003

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