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Millefiori Fun

I was greatly involved in Monet at this time, and created this piece in the 'round' before flattening it out into a disc shape. I borrowed a lampwork butterfly from Allan Scott, the Caithness Lampworker, and after the piece had cooled, affixed the butterfly in the appropriate place, before engraving the details on to the hot-formed flowers, which were the main design theme.

Humbug is a delightful piece of FUN ! It is a composite creation, using sliced pieces of glass, millefiori canes, and finely drawn threads of glass.
Eventually all are brought together like a glass Jig-Saw Puzzle!
Perth Museum and Art Gallery in Scotland has my original version.


Butterfly & Flowers 1999

Humbug 1996
Colin Terris
© 30/12/2003

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