More Favourites
Early 1/Offs
Blossom & Apple
Millefiori Fun
Secrets & Luck
Silver & Glass
Nature & Space
More Favourites
A ruby flecked Orchid by moonlight, an Arrow Head, and eventually, a Safe Haven.
The Sands of Time,(it really works). A Millenium Bug, and a Millefiori Man, complete with a Dragonfly Bow Tie !
A space rocket, it's destination Planet Venus, illuminated by the rising sun, and me!
Moonlight Orchid 2003
Millenium Sand Timer 2000
Tomorrow The Moon 2000
Cross Bow 2001
Millenium Bug 2000
Venusian Dawn 2001
Safe Haven Original design 2001
Millefiori Man 2000
ME in 2002
Colin Terris
© 30/12/2003

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