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More Favourites
A composite piece, with an off/cut from a surface decoration weight, added as a planet.Below it I added a sprinkling of large multicoloured glass chips, before engraving a towering mountain range to the reverse.The whole piece was then given a silky smooth Satin finish.
Lunar Dawn 2002

This design uses Dichroic glass chips set on a vibrant gold ruby base which surrounds a silvery sphere.The sphere floats above a sparkling crystalline sand form, which represents a vast spacial nebula.
Unknown Planet 2003

A Monet inspired satin finished disc paperweight, highlighted with additive lampwork lilies, and a delicate Allan Scott dragonfly.
Monet Pool 2001

A ruby wine glass, with a blue stem and foot, set on a red chequered tablecloth. The two drinking straws are cut lengths of colour twist cane, which sit in the hollow blown top.
Cocktail Time 1987
Colin Terris
© 30/12/2003

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